Choosing the right pay per head platform for your player group

When it comes to becoming the BEST sports action broker, there is ONE fundamental rule you should never loose sight of: your players are your EVERYTHING.

By that I am not only referring to your income source, but rather the wide array of player preferences to consider. To summarize:  Your players BUILD your book, not the other way around.

But, why is this important when choosing your PPH service? Pay Per Head platforms are each built differently: Starting from their look and general feel, to their odds offer, the available report-building tools, and so many other relevant features, PPH site developers will always strive to tackle one particular section of the action-loving public, in hopes of obtaining primacy over that specific niche of players.

Players also come in different shapes and sizes, and learning how to differentiate them is crucial for both your business strategy and eventual success.

In order to provide you with some worthy start-up advice, we’ve separated the vast pond of sports-action fans into three distinctive groups:

Old-school bettors: These mostly stem from the baby-boomer generation and share a more hands-on approach to sports betting. They grew up listening to baseball radio broadcasts, ate hot dogs and ran to put their Trifecta bet at the nearest racetrack. They never intended to transfer their business to the online realm (as they are not entirely fond or familiar with its notions) but had little choice in the matter and have -although unwillingly- adjusted to the new media. This type of player doesn’t really care about flashy websites and Facebook posts; they just want to place their bet with the best possible odds and without any unnecessary complication.

Generation Xers: The lucky children of the aforementioned baby-boomers had a much more different world to inhabit; they witnessed the onset of cellular phone lines, cable television, video games and, of course, the birth of the Internetz (misspelling ABSOLUTELY intended). They molded the new media, and made it to fit their needs and tastes, and, if we are to be matter-of-fact about it, they ARE the creators of online betting as we know it. Such advantaged POV provided them with an edge over all other bettor groups, and they quickly rose to become the first steam-chasersbonus hunters and crypto-currency millionaires. This is a VERY DEMANDING bunch and they will probably value the quality of the product -and its features- over anything else.

Xennials, Millenials and other Hobbitses: No… this isn’t Lord of the Rings, but it feels like a similar tale about magical creatures. They probably got their first date via some type of app, cannot conceive life without texting and probably have no idea what Win, Place and Show mean. They cannot separate the concepts of service platforms and online platforms, and will likely feel as dumbfounded as deer in the headlights when confronted with analog stuff. They do not view online betting so much as a worthy pastime or career, but as one of many perks in a highly interconnected world. They are as difficult fish to catch as they are unlikely to remain hooked and you will see them jump to another provider at the first glance of a better line or novelty video streaming feature. In short: loose sight of them for a minute and you might never see them again.

All and all, we’re pretty sure you now have a clearer idea of where your audience sits, and thus, we recommend you develop your Pay Per Head platform hunting strategy with the all the above points in mind. Try to reach out to as many people as possible, but make sure to strengthen those elements that are most pleasing to your core audience.

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