Pennsylvania closes the first fiscal year of betting with excellent numbers.

On June 30, the first fiscal year in Pennsylvania was closed, which includes figures for sports betting that began in the state last November.

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board reported earnings of $ 3.3 bn, which means a 2% increase. The most important detail to keep in mind is that almost half of the bets placed in the state from May to June were online either through a website or a mobile app.

This is a very positive first year for sports betting in Pennsylvania, but the most important thing is what this represents for bookies and these numbers show the great interest that is being generated in the state for online betting. Bookies that want to take advantage of the booming Pennsylvania betting market should have the following:

An excellent partner of Pay Per Head

In order to compete with the Pennsylvania market and any other state, bookies need a good Pay Per Head partner on their side to support them and provide them with all the tools and platforms they need to manage their businesses and provide their bettors a first level betting service

A robust mobile platform

Bettors today are increasingly looking to place bets from their smartphones, it is for this reason that bookies that want to be competitive and serve the largest number of gamblers need a robust mobile betting platform that is compatible with the main operating systems such as IOS and Android. In addition, these platforms must have a wide range of betting options and casino games.

A network of sub-agents

One of the best strategies to act quickly and get the most out of the booming US betting market is to have a network of sub-agents in different states. In this way, the bookie can capture new customers and build loyalty through the work of a sub-agent. Bookies can track and monitor the work of sub-agents trough the betting software provided by their Pay Per Head partner, this means that the bookie doesn’t have to invest in extra to work with sub-agents.

This is the best time to become a bookie since every day new opportunities and markets open up in the betting industry. 

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