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What you will receive
with ABC Per Head

Player set up is fast and easy.

Personalized attention that is 100% Safe, Secure,
and Private.

You have the ability to customize each player’s
profile, limits, parlay and teaser options, and many more individualized options for every player’s needs.

You can design your own website or we can provide
one for you.

You and your players will receive a private, toll
free phone number.

ABC Per Head

If you’re new to offshore betting or a long time agent, ABC Per Head Services is the place for you and your

Your players will receive the best customer service and phone quality in the industry. We have the highest
quality phone service using Satellite, Fiber Optic Cable, and Voice Over IP.

Call 1-888-990-2387 and we will walk you through a simple process.

Pay Per Head

Our user friendly software allows you to maximize your profits with it’s player tracking devices and
detailed reports.t

You have the ability to customize your players’ profiles, limits and make balance adjustments online or by
phone, whenever you want.

Fees and Payment

ABC Per Head Services is not only known for it’s premium service but for it’s outstanding prices.

Our fee structure is based on the number of active players and preferences you want for your clients.
Getting started and sending funds is a quick and simple process.

Who is
ABC Pay Per Head?

ABC Pay Per Head Services is part of the ABC Islands family and have been in business for over 18 years.

The credit division slowly diminished as our per head division grew, moving the agents that wanted to pay
per head is what gave us our start in this new market.

In 2008 we opened and quickly became a dominant player in this growing.


Whether your players play online or by phone, they will be treated with excellent customer service 24 hours
a day.

Our professional, English speaking, representatives have all the experience and gaming knowledge necessary
to provide you and your players with this premium service.