Influencer marketing in the betting industry

Influencer marketing is a common practice in the marketing world these days. Thanks to social networks a new type of celebrities have emerged in different corners of the internet. There are influencers of all types and sizes from those who have a few thousand followers to those who have reached millions of followers. Influencer marketing is based on exploiting the fan base of these people to present sponsored content where the influencer recommends products and services from different brands.

An influencers marketing strategy is a good idea to publicize the betting site to younger audiences and experiment with new market niches. Bookie who want to make a strategy of this type should take into account:

Select the right influencer As mentioned, there are many types of influencers, there are even fake influencers, that is, they have bought followers or inflated their reach numbers on social networks. The bookies should make sure to choose a real influencer, whose fan base is real and especially that these fans are a potential audience of interest to the bookie. In addition, the bookie should not be carried away by the number of fans when choosing an influencer, sometimes it is more effective to collaborate with an influencer who has only 10,000 fans than with one that has 50,000.

Target the right market There are many people on networks such as Instagram and YouTube that create content related to sports, and even sports betting. These are a great option for the bookie to advertise the betting site. Another market that bookies should consider are the creators of content related to video games, remember that eSports are a category of bets that increasingly take more strength and bookies should start to gain ground in this segment, a good way to do it is by influencers.

Ask influencer for accountability The influencer’s job is not only to post the content that the bookie tells him, but the influencer must also show initiative and recommend to the bookie content and ways of communicating that he knows are effective with an audience. In addition, a good influencer delivers a post-campaign report to his client so that he can measure the effectiveness and return on investment of the campaign.