Why just a great customer service is not enough, The customer experience approach.


In today’s rapidly changing world, it seems that is not enough by having a great customer service. Customers are more demanding and they expect to be WOW from the moment they pick up the phone to place a bet until they receive the payment for their weekly bets.

Bookies need to adapt to new standards in order to stay competitive. That’s the reason why the need to shift from a customer service approach to a customer experience.
Customer experience is the interaction between a bookie and a player over the duration of their relationship. The interaction is made up of three levels: the customer journey, the brand touch points, and the environment the customer experiences.
So for example, if the customer journey starts by clicking a social media ad of your betting site that leads him to a landing page of a promotion for an NBA playoff game. The customer likes the promotion and wants to bet on that game, so he calls your contact center to place the bet. During this process, all the elements should be well aligned to make the transition from the ad to the landing page to the call center effortless. The process needs to be standardized so that the client always receives the same level of attention and care regardless of the means by which he is coming into contact with the betting site.    
The offer a real customer experience to his bettors bookies need a reliable Pay Per Head partner. By having a Per Head provider of this kind the bookies can make sure that all the points of contact that the client has with his betting business will be standardized, since these companies are in charge of providing the call center, training the staff that will attend to their players, design the betting site, provide the betting management software, among other elements necessary to run a betting business.
With a Pay Per Head provider, bookies can offer his players superb customer service and also create a memorable customer experience.
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