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Why the location of the Pay Per Head Provider Matters


As we have always said when choosing a pay per head company, not only is a supplier chosen, a relationship with a strategic business partner is being established. It is for this reason that the bookies must be very careful when choosing a pay per head provider since a bad choice can cost very expensive.

One of the important aspects to consider is the location of the Pay Per Head company, remember that all these suppliers operate offshore in different countries such as Costa Rica or Panama to name a few. The country of location, it will have a lot of influence in different aspects of the pay per head provider such as:

Quality of the Staff

Some countries have more qualified personnel than others. For example, Costa Rica is characterized by having a highly professional population mostly with university studies and fluent proficient of 2 and up to 3 languages, in addition to a high sense of customer service, which ensures that they always give an excellent treatment to players either by email, phone or live chat.

Other countries do not have people as well qualified, for example, there are many complaints about rude treatment from the staff of some sportsbooks that has staff based in Panama. The problem is not that the staff is rude or badly educated, but culturally the sense of customer service is different in that country.
This factor can severely affect the operation of the bookies because if they are associated with a pay per head provider based on a country where the staff does not have a lot of attention to the customer, their players will not feel comfortable with the quality of the service and will look for another bookie.
Political situation

To keep costs low some pay per head providers are located in countries where labor is cheap, the problem is that some of these countries do not have a stable political situation, where protests or other types of social problems may occur at any time. This issues will end up affecting the operation of the pay per head and therefore the operation of the bookie.
It's a good idea that bookies analyze the country in which the pay per head provider is based, since this may have a huge impact on their betting operation.

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