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Why should bookies have a sales-mind?


Been a bookie requires lots of skills like sports knowledge, accounting abilities and one of the most important ones is a sales mind, thus pay per head bookies main job is been on sales mode 24 hours a day, when bookies sign up with a pay per head provider they are getting access to a complete business infrastructure to support their gambling operation, this includes staff in customer services, web development, and odds-making, alongside with all the tools required for running their wager business like software, website and phone number. But all of this means nothing if the bookie is unable to acquire bettors, to that end bookies need to master the art of selling. 

According to with seasoned sellers to be a Sales Master, there are some steps anyone can follow: 

Convince Yourself 

Great sellers believe in their products, they are convincing they have the best product or services in the world, and they have deep knowledge of everything related to their products. This mind state allows them responding to any client inquiries with good arguments, which facilitates the sales close. Bookies that want to be great sellers should learn every little detail about their bookie operation, for example how the sign-up process works on their betting site, or how long it takes to place a bet over the phone. 

Have Goals 

Sales Masters set an objective for every move they take. They have monthly sales goals, along with weekly goals, and daily objectives. This allows them to stay sharp and focus on the job. For example, bookies should set a monthly goal of new players, combined with a weekly goal of potential bettors reached, and daily objectives like study their competitors. 

Master your Pitch 

Finally, a sales ninja have a killing sales pitch that can be adapted for any type of client and to any length of time. It does not matter if he has only 30 seconds to deliver the sales pitch he is able to catch the potential client attention.  

Bookies that have a sales-mind acquire 3 times more players. 

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