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Why bookies should think from the players perspective


One aspect that tends to consider very little when building a betting site is to think from the
perspective of the bettors.
When building the betting site, bookies have to put themselves in the
shoes of their players, and remember that they will be alone in most of the process, that is, no one
will indicate where the button is to create an account, how to apply a Bonus code or just review
the balance of their account.
At the moment of thinking and conceptualizing your betting site, bookies must take into account
the perception of their players and build a betting site that is friendly and easy to use by anyone
anywhere in the world.
A good way to put yourself in the players place to determine what is the best way to design the betting site is to consider the path of the consumer. This consists of the following 4 stages:
In this stage, the player only knows 2 things that he wants to bet and that there is a wide variety of
betting sites where he can do it. In order to capture the attention of players at this stage, it is a
good idea to have a landing page with information and graphics that shows how he can place bets
quickly and easily, also include testimonials from current players who are satisfied with your services.
Once the player reduces his options to a few betting sites, he will most likely investigate the
reputation of those sites, to determine if they are safe. For this stage, it is good to have some
positive reviews of your betting business in specialized forums and sites of the industry.
Purchase Decision
When the player has already investigated enough and is ready to make his first bet, is likely to
come into direct contact with the betting site, so that the fast and good customer service are crucial at this stage. It is a
good idea to have several contact channels such as live chat, phone number, and email.
Product Valuation
This is the last stage where the player will evaluate the quality of the service provided and
determine if he received what he expected. During this stage, it is good to establish direct contact
by email with the client to request their feedback about their experience on the betting site.
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