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Why Bookies Should Leverage their Betting Site with an Online Casino


Been a bookie is not just about promoting sports bets, in today gambling business, bookies have the opportunity to create different money streams to leverage their business, thanks to the wide range of betting tools provide by the Pay Per Head shops.

One of those tools is the casino software, which allows bookies to offer Las Vegas style casino games on their betting site. The casino software is fully integrated with the bookies betting site and with the betting management software, which means that bookies can have all that they need to run their business in one place and with just a few clicks.

Casino games are a great way to leverage your bookie business, especially during offseason when the sportsbook activity tend to low due to the recess of the great sports activities such as MLB, NBA, and NFL. Also if bookies had a reputable pay per head partner that offers a complete package of online casino games such as Baccarat, Slots, Poker, American Roulette, Blackjack, etc. Then the online casino of their betting site can become a constant source of income all year round. According to with Google trends during 2017 there was an average of 40 500 per week searches on Google for the term “online casino” in the U.S. This means there is a potential market out there looking for online casino games.

Pay Per Head providers invest thousands of dollars each month in the improvement and maintenance of the casino software. For example one of the most recent enhancements of the online casino experience created by the per head shops is live games, this is casino games like poker that takes place in real time with a human dealer through a live video feed system. Live casino games add more emotion to the experience, and could almost be compared to actually going to a land-based casino.

Pay Per Head shops is constantly working in the development of more and more options, tools and features that bookies can use to grow their business and most important their monthly income.

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