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Where to Find Players for Your Betting Site


One of the most common questions among new bookies is: where do I find players for my gambling business? To answer this question, we are going to divide the players you can acquire in two types: face to face players and online players.
Face to Face Players
This is the first type of player you must look when you start your bookie business, since you meet face to face with them is easier to win their trust and create rapport. You must project a professional image and be secure when you do your sales pitch. To get used with the process of sales for you bookie business you can work your way through different levels of trust:
First Level of Trust
Here you can find family, close friends, neighbors and work colleagues. These people already know you well and trust you, that’s why is simple and painless to pitch your betting site to them and convince them to place a bet with you. 
Second Level of Trust
Once you feel comfortable and confident to talk about your betting business, you can move to the second level of trust and approach strangers at local sports bars and sports venues. If they are sports fans there is a big chance they like to bet once in a while, also you can always use sports chat to break the ice and create a conversation.
Online Players   
Thanks to the platform given to you by the pay per head provider, you can serve players from all over the world and to get them you need a strong online presence. Start by building some social media profiles like a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account that you update on a daily basis, run marketing campaigns in this platforms and also in Google Adwords to get traffic to your site. If you can't do it by yourself hire a digital marketing expert to help you with the process.
There are several ways to acquire players; everything is limited by budget and creativity so don’t be afraid to try, whatever crazy idea you have it may work.
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