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When to offer credit to your players?


Offering credit to the players of your betting site is a good way to maintain their loyalty and motivate them to bet more and more regularly. The problem is that if it is not done correctly, offering credit to the players can turn against the bookie and end up causing many problems, which can result in big money losses or even worse the bankruptcy of the betting site.

Below we list a series of recommendations to help bookies know when the best time to offer credit to their players is and how to do it in the right way.

The right moment
Some bookies make the mistake of offering credit to their players from the moment they start their betting site, the problem with this is that during the first months of operation the business needs to generate the highest possible cash flow to be able to deal with the operating expenses and mainly to pay the players who win, otherwise not having a good cash flow the bookie will have to use their bankroll to pay debts, which will end up weakening the structure of the business. The right time to offer credit to players is when the business has reached a stable cash flow and the business is generating good income.

The rules of credit
When we ask a bank for a loan there are a series of requirements and rules that we must meet in order to receive the money. Bookies have to apply the same principle to their players. In the first instance, the credit must be something that the players must be earned fulfilling a series of requirements like for example: to place more than 5 bets per month, to have an impeccable record of payments or to be active for more than 6 months on the betting site. By requesting players to meet certain requirements the bookie makes sure to filter and select only loyal players who really deserve to have a credit line within the betting site.
In addition to the requirements, the bookies also have to be very clear in the rules that apply for players who have a line of credit, such as establishing strict payment dates and consequences of falling behind with payments such as suspension of the account. Bookies also have to frequently use the reporting tool from their Pay Per Head provider to keep a close eye on players who have credit lines so that they do not overdo it by betting too much since when players have credit the money they use to bet is the bookie's money.
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