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Use your Racebook to boost your betting site profits.


Many bookies that are affiliated with a pay per head provider, often do not take full advantage of
the tools and features that companies put at their disposal.
Many of these features allow bookies to care for and increase their profits. Such is the case of the
racebook. The bookies that do not know the betting industry in horse racing, think that this type of
bets is for a very small niche market or that the only good betting action is concentrated in the
triple crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes).
The reality is other bets on horse racing are quite popular and the triple crown is only the
beginning of the equine summer that runs from June to August with races that can move a lot of
money in bets like Stephen Foster Handicap at Churchill Downs and the Pacific Classic at Del Mar.
Horse races have many advantages for bookies because this sport can become an excellent
complementary source of income since the action on the tracks happens throughout the year. It is
also very easy to attract first-time bettors to the horse races since the system and the type of bets
is very easy to understand. Unlike many sports where bettors need to know the rules of the sport
and the betting options to really enjoy the thrill of gambling, in horse racing, bettors just need to
pick a possible winner and then seat and watch how the race develops, cheering that his horse reaches the finish line first.
Most pay per head providers gives bookies free access to a racebook with dozens of race tracks. This represents a huge income potential if the bookies invest enough energy and money to promote
their racebook.
When the racebook is properly used, it can be a great way to maintain a healthy cash flow,
especially at times when the activity of traditional sports like basketball and football goes down. For this reason that bookies should take time to understand all horse races and how they are an
important part of a good betting site.
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