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Use storyselling to promote your betting site.


Anyone who reads news and articles related to marketing and innovation must have come across the term storyselling. For some, the term can refer to a kind of magic formula that has helped several startups and brands to boost their sales and scale their business. But the truth is that storyselling is not a magic trick, it is really a strategy that anyone can implement to grow their business.

Here are some recommendations on how bookies can use storyselling to promote their betting business.

Do not just call attention, deliver value

For a long time traditional marketing was based on attracting the attention of the consumer to the product that we were trying to sell, once we had the attention of the consumer it was just a matter of pitch the characteristics of the product and using one or two persuasion techniques to seal the deal. Today things do not work that way, capture the attention of a potential consumer is extremely complicated since they are exposed to hundreds of messages and content every day. Storyselling can be a good tool to break through all the noise and not only capture the attention of the consumer, but also to entertain it by creating communication products such as videos, blogs, tweets and images that convey the brand's message. For example, bookies can create betting tips in different formats to promote their betting site or they can even create memes with fun situations related to sports.

Try to convert everyone into customers

While storyselling is based on entertaining the audience, it should not be forgotten that the goal is to convert most of them into customers, for this reason, the bookies that use the technique in their marketing strategies should remember to include visible links that allow the audience to visit the betting site. Also within the betting site, bookies should make the process of creating and funding an account simple and fast to take advantage of the customer's momentum.

Test, Measure and Test

Finding a formula that works takes time and effort, for this reason, bookies should be constantly testing with different formats and campaigns to find the style that works best for them. Throughout the process, it is important to measure the results of each effort in order to determine which work best.

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