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Use Personal Searches to Grow Your Bookie Business


When it comes to search engine optimization of your betting site, we were used to the model of thinking on a few keywords related to our business that were most likely to be used by users who were looking for a place to place bets online. However that model is changing because people are now using personal search, a study from Google shows that nowadays people conduct searches using personal and conversational language like “me” and “I”.  This means that bettors don’t longer input “betting online” on their search engine. With the new trend, bettors are now writing stuff like “Where I can bet online”, “Which is the best betting site”, “How I can wager on the Spurs game”, and so on. 

This shifting in search habits is because people are becoming research-obsessed and they use search engines looking for a solution even for the small stuff. Bookies can take advantage of this trend by finding ways to answer potential bettors questions.

Here are some recommendations to use personal searches to grow your bookie business:
Create a list of Possible Question
The first thing bookies must do is create a list of possible questions people may input on the searches engines. The list has to be as long as possible and should try to cover all the topics. Do you have to think: What a novice bettor that knows nothing about gambling would ask? What would a seasoned player with experience gambling online ask? What a casual player would ask?

Once you have your long list, the next step is write down the answer to those questions. The answers can have several formats such as guides, cheat sheets and one-pagers.  The most important thing is that the content really helps the player to find the answer he is looking for.

The final step is to put that content online so players can find it. Bookies can use blogs, newsletter emails and videos to distribute the content. 

If bookies manage to create useful content, there is a big chance that they can grow their bookie business.

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