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Understand Betting Behavior Over the Week


It may sound weird at first, but if a bookie manages to understand and perceive their players betting behavior over the week, this information could lead him to grow the business and the monthly revenues.
It is not a secret that usually most betting action occurs on weekends. For this reason, most bookies tend to concentrate their marketing efforts on attracting bets for weekend games. However, relying only on weekend betting action is not a good idea since you are not exploiting the full potential of your betting site.
Bookies that do not analyze the behavior of bets during the week may be missing out on very lucrative opportunities. For example, when making these analysis bookies can be found with the surprise that although the betting site receives a lot of activity on weekends, it’s most lucrative day is on Tuesdays because it is when bigger bets are placed.
By having this type of information the bookies can take the decision to for example redouble marketing efforts so that the most lucrative day, players bet even more money by giving a bonus. Or on the other hand, they can try to increase the number of bets on the day of least activity.
Another key decision that the bookies can take when knowing the behavior of bets during the week, is to know when to pay and collect from players, since depending on the day that is paid to the players they can bet more using the winnings. Many bookies follow the same practice of paying on Thursdays so that players can bet on the weekend, but this is an unfounded practice since each betting house is different and it may be convenient to make the payments to the players on a different day to achieve a better profit.
Bookies that want to have a deep understanding of the behavior of bets during the week must have a pay per head provider that offers a reporting tool where bookies can access all the movements and details of each bet made by each player. The more the bookies know their players and their habits, the easier it will be to expand their business.
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