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This is the time to become a bookie


If you ever thought about becoming a bookie but for some reason did not take the step to enter
the world of betting, let me tell you that it is not too late, in fact, this is the best moment in history to become a bookie.
On May 14, the Supreme Court of the United States opened the opportunity for legal sports betting in any state. Many experts within the gaming industry are a little skeptical about this, as they believe that this will be the beginning of a tsunami of people and companies who want to enter an industry that is valued at more than $ 150 billion a year.
The reality is that there is a high possibility that new competitors enter the industry, making it
more competitive and ruthless. But we do not see things so badly and we think that this
represents a great opportunity for those who start in the betting business at this time, as they
would be entering the gaming industry at a time when there is a paradigm shift, that would
allow them, with the correct strategy, to firmly stick in the industry.
People entering the betting industry at this time will be able to capture new players who have never bet on their lives. By making betting legal beyond Las Vegas, people who previously wanted to bet online but did not for fear of legislation they could do it and look for a reliable bookie with whom to place their bet.
Each state is in a different stage of the process of legalizing sports betting, some have already
passed bills, others have presented bills but they have not passed yet. So throughout the year, we
will see how this theme develops. This is another reason why we believe that it is the best time to
become a bookie since those who partner with a reputable Pay Per Head provider to start their
gambling business will be ready by the time a state legalizes the game to attack that market with a
reliable and safe betting site.

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