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The three tasks of a Pay Per Head bookie


The bookies that have their betting business through a pay per head provider usually tend to be confused when defining their role and daily tasks within the business. Having such a complete and automated infrastructure that handles almost 80% of the operational tasks of the betting business, causes that the bookies do not find their place in the infrastructure of the company and let it operate without its intervention as they believe it is the best to ensure business continuity.

Letting the business operate without bookie intervention can be risky, although reputable pay per head companies work 24 hours a day to ensure that the business never stops and works optimally, the bookies that have a role active within their business generate more revenue and make the betting business grow faster. To help bookies define their role in their betting business, we present the main tasks they need to carry out.

The task that should occupy 60% of the time of a bookie is marketing, generating strategies, campaigns, and ways to attract new players to their betting business. This can be done through digital marketing, traditional marketing or visiting sports bars to promote their business, there are many ways to do marketing for the betting business, the important thing is to generate at least one new customer every day.

The other 30% of the bookie time should be dedicated to the business's finances, reviewing the players' reports of losses and profits, charging and paying the players and ensuring that the bankroll and the cash flow of the business are healthy.

Long-term Vision
For the last 10% of the bookie time, this should be devoted to working towards the long-term vision of the business, creating strategies to get more out of the major sporting events of the next 2 years, establishing goals of how much should grow the business in that period of time and thinking of ways to expand the business either through investors or sub-agents for example.

Bookies that focus on this 3 task will be able to manage better their business. 

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