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The Four Pillars of a Successful Bookie Business


While managing a betting business is relatively easy, running a successful betting business is a bit more complex as it requires knowledge, skills, and commitment to the business. In order to have a successful betting business, bookies must be in constant training, learning new concepts and skills that allow them to devise strategies to take their betting business to the next level.

A concept that can greatly help bookies, mainly newbies, to structure their betting business is the concept of the four pillars. This concept states that all business to achieve its purpose and be successful must have a balance between the four pillars to support their operations. There are different versions and interpretations of this concept since each academic or CEO adapt it according to the context in which it will be applied, that is why we present the four pillars of a betting business below.

Working Capital or Bankroll
The first pillar is related to money since it is a necessary and fundamental element for any business to operate correctly in any industry. In the case of bookies, working capital is mainly focused on their bankroll, which is the money that will allow them accepting a certain amount of bets, but they also have to consider the administrative costs such as the cost of the pay per head platform and any expenses that is done in marketing or advertising of the betting site.

Commercial Infrastructure
In order to be able to take bets, bookies must have a good betting site with a wide range of sports betting options, online casinos, poker rooms, live betting, and special contests. This is why a good Pay Per Head provider is of vital importance for bookies because through the companies of Per Head the bookies can obtain all the commercial infrastructure they need to operate.

Customer orientation
The customer is king, long life to the customer. This should be the slogan of any bookie since without gamblers there is no business, so the bookies should always try to provide excellent customer service to all their bettors so that they are always satisfied.

Technical and administrative capacities
Finally, the bookie must know the betting industry in depth and have certain administrative and business notions in order to identify new opportunities to grow their betting business.

With a little dedication and a good pay per head partner, bookies can build a successful betting business, based on four basic pillars.

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