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Techniques that the big internet companies use and you can apply to your bookie business.


Many entrepreneurs have based their success on following, copying and adapting the techniques of other successful entrepreneurs, some may consider this unethical, but the truth is that even the business schools teach tools for entrepreneurs to study their competition and extract information that they can implement in their own business.

Below we have compiled some of the techniques that large internet companies use to help bookies to incorporate them in their betting businesses and make them grow.

Large companies such as Uber and Amazon are characterized by giving their customers great autonomy in the sense that they do not need to interact with a representative of the company to access and use the services. The customer service representatives intervene only in complex situations when the customer has a complaint or a problem, the rest of the time the platforms of these companies are designed so that the client can be able to perform all the transactions by himself. Bookies can incorporate this technique into their businesses as long as they have a good Pay Per Head provider since these providers develop platforms so that bookies can automate most of their businesses, and they are constantly researching new technologies and tools that can be incorporated to the services they provide to bookies so that they can present their clients with sites and betting applications that are easy to use and in which they do not require more assistance to fund their accounts and place bets.

Technological collaboration
Some companies believe that it is necessary to develop complex platforms that handle and take care of the whole transaction process of the client, but this entails a lot of time and money to develop. It is best to take advantage of existing third-party technologies and incorporate them into the transaction process, thereby reducing costs and using state-of-the-art technologies to serve customers. In the case of bookies, it is easier and more practical to incorporate payment technologies such as PayPal and Bitcoin to their betting sites than to develop their own payment gateway.

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