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Several Betting Sites: How This Strategy Works


If you have been hanging around the betting industry for a while, you may find out that some bookies have more than one betting site and you wonder why they do this. In fact there is a common misunderstanding that having several betting sites is way to portrait a scam.
But the truth is, this a legit strategy to grow and expand a bookie business, taking advantage of the platform provided by pay per head companies, if you want to use this strategy for your own betting site this is how it works:
More Consumer Touch Points
If you are not familiar with the term, a touch point is according to Wikipedia: a business jargon for any encounter where customers and business engage to exchange information, provide service, or handle transactions. Since the internet is full of other betting sites and gambling providers, you have a lot of competitors, one way to overcome this issue is by having several betting sites, that way when players are searching the internet for a betting source you have more chances that they enter in one of your websites. 
Focus on a Different Market Niche
Not all the players are equal; some of them may be looking for Football wagering action, while other wants casino games. Even when you can feature a vast catalog of betting options on your betting site thanks to the price per head services provider, you can always create a separate betting website to serve a specific niche of market, for example if you have lots of bettors for Soccer games, they don't want to see information and promotions about hockey or horse racing, they care only about soccer, if you create an exclusive website only for them, the level of engagement with your business will increase and players will feel more comfortable doing business with you.
Several Sources of Income
Finally,  aving several betting sites can boost your income, since you will have different sources of cash with a low investment, due to the low fees charged by the pay per head provider, thanks to them you can have an infinite number of professional betting sites producing money for you.
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