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Service Design of a Betting Site


The academic literature said that the most difficult thing to sell is services since the customer can not touch, smell or see the product itself and the only way he has to know if the services are what it was promised in the value proposition is by using the service. This factor sets the limit between tangibles goods and intangibles.

But technology is changing customer perception and blurring the boundary between tangibles and intangibles, take for example companies like Uber or Amazon where the final product or the tangible is determinate by intangible services in the form of an app or a website. This overlap between tangible and intangible more and more common, what had push companies to focus on the whole process and not only in the quality of the final outcome. That’s where services design enters the scene, this framework establishes how to plan and organize the resources of a company (the people, the equipment, and the process) to improve the experiences of the employees and indirectly the experiences of the customers.
A betting site has the overlap between intangible services the online betting platform and a tangible outcome which is the money bettors can make from wagers. With this in mind services design can be applied to build a successful bookie business, here is how:
The first step to apply services design to a bookie business is by choosing a reputable Pay Per Head partner when you made your choice you have to keep an eye on per head companies that have:

Good People: A staff of betting experts, customer services clerks, technical support staff and a web and graphic designer’s team. Reliable per heads expend thousands of dollars on recruiting and training, so you can rest assured that you are adding the right people to your team.

Good Equipment: Offshore servers, 3-way phone services and state of the art betting management software. Per head companies also expend lots of money on these matters, so when you partner with one, you know you are getting top quality equipment.

Process: The process is the most important part, because is how the people and the equipment are going to work together to provide a top-notch services, you can tell you are going in the right direction with you per head provider when the sign up process is smooth and easy and you get constant support every time you need it.

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