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Potential markets for global bookies.


Currently the eyes of the betting industry are placed in the USA due to the large potential market that is opening thanks to the lifting of the ban of sports betting, it is estimated that for the next 2 years around 25 to 30 states will have a regulated market of sports betting, this also means that  the number of players and money that the industry will handle will grow exponentially.

Although the bookies must strengthen their operations to be able to take a good slice of this situation should not neglect what happens in the rest of the world, as other countries also have a great potential.


The largest country in South America is preparing to legalize sports betting in a short time. The Chamber of Deputies must discuss an amendment that contemplates the legislation of sports betting both land-based and online. If this amendment is approved, the Ministry of Finance has 2 years to regulate the industry and issue the respective licenses. Under this scenario, the bookies have a large potential market about to open, because as we know when governments regulate and legislate sports betting the interest of potential bettors increases. Brazil is a country known for its great passion for sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball, with a very well developed and competitive national league for each sport. To take advantage of this opportunity bookies must ensure that they have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with betting options for the Brazilian leagues and that also has Portuguese-speaking staff.


Although this country has several years of sports betting legislation, we can not help noticing the growth that this market has had. In 2017 its valuation was of $ 1.7 billion and in the latest report of the Association of Producers and Organizers of the Gaming Industry, it is detailed that in 2018 it was collected between 13% and 15% more in taxes and licenses that the previous year. Bulgaria's betting market is composed of 44% women and 53% men, making it one of the most balanced markets in the world in terms of gender. As with the Brazilian market, bookies that want to profit from the Bulgarian market must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides them with all the tools, platforms and trained staff to do so.

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