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Options for Players Management


When you become a Pay Per Head Bookie, learning how to use and make the most out of all the tools provided by the per head shop is one of the key tasks you have.

Learn to give an appropriate use to each feature of the betting management software can mean the success or failure of your betting business. So we recommend taking the time to know, try and experiment with each of them until you are a true master.

One of the tools that will determinate if a bookie is profitable or not is the Player Management, through these tool bookies can set the following parameters for each player:
Credit Limit: The maximum credit a player can wager and play with.

Max Wager: The maximum amount of money that a player can wager for an individual bet.
Min Wager: The minimum amount of money a player can make for an individual bet.

These parameters are designed to give bookies full control of their players and keep them within acceptable limits in monetary terms. By setting this limits bookies can avoid a nasty surprise, for example, that a player placed a large bet that is bigger than the bookies bankroll.

Bookies can also select the type of games a bettor can access. This is useful to punish Bettors that had a bad streak for example in horse racing and they are struggling to pay you the debt, but you don’t want to ban them for the betting site. You can deny their access to horse racing, but they can still use the casino.

Through the player management system, bookies have so much power that they can even erase bets, as long as the game is not started. Of course, this option should only be used if the player contacts the bookie requesting that a particular bet is eliminated.
As you can see the betting management system provides bookies with all they need to manage and run their betting business smoothless. That’s the reason why bookies should select a reliable Pay Per Head provider that has an excellent software.
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