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Online Video Sports. A Trend Bookies Must Follow


Online video is changing the sports industry, now people don’t need to be glued to the TV to watch a game or get the latest news about their favorite team. This new way of watching sports creates an excellent opportunity for bookies to promote their betting site and acquire new bettors.

Here are 3 behaviors related to online sports watching and how bookies can take advantage of them:

Sports Fans Want More than Just the Game
People are not satisfied with just the game, they want to learn more about their favorite teams, in fact, the category of sports interviews growth 60% in watching time on YouTube last year. Fans want to hear what the coach and the players said before and after a game. 

Also, fans want to know more about the rules, strategies, and tactics of different sports, for example, the search of videos related to how to throw a curveball, growth 50% last year.
This means that people are eager to get more and more content related to sports and want to be more engaged with their favorites teams. Bookies can take advantage of this by creating content or marketing campaigns in this video categories and introduce gambling as an option to expand the emotion and joy of watching sports.

Sports Fans Want Get the Good Stuff
People nowadays have less time to watch a whole live game, but this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be informed of the most important actions of the game. Searches for sports highlights videos growth 90% and the watching time of this kind of videos growth more than 80% last year. Bookies can use this trend to acquire new bettors by placing ads on this kind of videos where they promote their betting site and offer a special bonus.

Sports Fans Want to be connected
80% of sports viewers say they use a computer or smartphone while watching live sports. This is a huge opportunity for bookies to promote their mobile live betting platform. Since most of this fans say they use their smartphone to search for player stats and live scores. 

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