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New players in the betting industry.


As expected after the supreme court lifted the ban on sports betting a wave of new companies would rush to enter the industry in search of taking a good cut of the market. And of course who does not want a part of the $ 6 billion that is estimated to be worth the betting industry by 2023. One of the companies that maybe we would not expect to enter the betting industry is the Hard Rock Cafe who signed an In agreement with Gaming Innovation Group (GiG), the company will provide Hard Rock with the entire platform for both land-based and online bets, including a mobile betting solution. This multiplatform will be operational in New Jersey in early 2019.
Hard Rock is taking its expansion in the betting industry very seriously and intends to become a major player in the industry worldwide. Some Pay Per Head bookies may be a little scared to see that such important brands with large economic resources enter the industry, the possibility that these companies will displace them and make them lose their business comes to mind. But this is totally far from reality, the bookies that operate through Pay Per Head companies should not fear the entry of big brands, as these companies should start to build a name in the industry and gain the confidence of the players.
To counteract the possible effect that these new companies may have on the operation of the Pay Per Head bookies, they must work on the following aspects:
A Good Pay Per Head
Having a good pay per head partner will be essential to be able to win the battle against new brands in the industry, since customers will look for bookies that are capable of providing first-rate betting services, with robust mobile applications and a wide range of betting lines from around the world.
Know your customers
Pay Per Head bookies can provide personalized and close treatment to each of their clients, this allows them to create trusting relationships with each one of them. This will be a great advantage compared to the new brands because by their size these companies will not be able to take the time to approach each bettor to know it in depth.

More companies will be opening betting operations across the US, bookies need to work closely with they pay per head partner to face these companies.
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