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Nascar fall in popularity, how this can affect the bookies?


If in 2005 someone had said that fans would lose interest in NASCAR everybody would think that person was crazy. At that time it was the second most important sport in the United States, fans made long lines to enter the tracks to enjoy the races and television ratings were 10 points or more for races like the Daytona 500.
But it seems that those days of glory are far behind. In February of last year, the Daytona 500 registered just 5.3 points of television rating the lowest in history and in regard to the fans that come to the tracks some races have fallen to 6.8 million attendees when in 2015 it registered 9.5 million attendees.
NASCAR executives attribute the loss of popularity to the changes on television schedules, but this is a mere excuse, the real reason for the drop is that the fans perceive the races as boring. A USA Today survey asked the fans why they stopped attending the races, they responded that the changes in the rules, the new design of the cars and the format of the events made them feel out of the experience of the event and these have become boring.
Apparently, fans are looking for events that give them more excitement in less time, races on short dirt tracks as the Gateway Dirt has recorded record attendance, in some cases even sold out tickets.
The situation NASCAR is going through is a good lesson for bookies, as this shows that a bookie can not let its betting business depend on one or two sports to generate income. A couple of years ago NASCAR was one of the most sought after and lucrative betting options for bookies, today while the betting activity continues as the sport loses more popularity it will be increasingly difficult to find and attract interested gamblers in this sport.
Bookies that do not want to suffer negative consequences in their businesses due to a decline in the popularity of a particular sport, must have a good Pay Per Head partner that gives them access to an extensive menu of bets made up of leagues and sports of several countries of the world. In this way, the bookies can experiment with different betting options and different markets, so that they can keep their betting business always at the forefront and most importantly generating constant income.
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