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Manage your Bookie Business as Coach Pep Guardiola


Almost everyone in the world; fan of soccer or have not heard the name of Pep Guardiola at one time, as he is one of the most successful coaches of the last decade, directing 3 of the largest and most expensive teams on the planet such as FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City. He has won 22 titles in his career as a coach, including Club World Cups, Leagues of Champions and Super Cups.

His incredible sports achievements are attributed to his way of managing the teams as a company, some of the principles that Pep applies and that any bookie can apply to your business to make it successful and grow are:


Pep started at his thirteen years at FC Barcelona where he went through different levels and roles; from his years as a player in the lower leagues until reaching the first team, his beginnings as technical director in Division B until he was coach of the main team. All these experiences allowed him to have a complete vision of the different internal and external club contexts, which facilitated the process of decision making  by knowing first-hand the needs and obstacles that he could face.

Bookies that want to use Pep's techniques should go deep into the betting industry and understand how all processes work. Talk to people who work in the industry and understand how they perform their work, and if possible, perform these works themselves to have a complete view of the context.
The roles do not define the team

Pep retakes the concept of total football proposed by Cryuff. Which consists of a rotation of roles in the field, where any player regardless of whether the role is defensive or offensive, is prepared to take the position that the technical director indicates and execute it efficiently. In this way, the dynamic of teamwork is transformed as everyone knows how to do everything, which makes players understand each other better and does not generate dependencies to the particular abilities of a single player.

Bookies can apply this technique to form a staff of agents who are able to do everything if necessary, ie not only capture customers and direct them to the betting site, but also to be able to advise on the operation of the site, guide players on how to open an account, etc.
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