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Make the most out of your pay per head software


We do not tire of highlighting the importance of knowing all the characteristics and options of the betting management software provided by your Pay Per Head partner.
Many bookies lose money because they do not know how to use many of these features well. Some of these options are more useful and vital as the business grows and the number of players and daily bets grows, for this reason, is that bookies must also identify which of these tools provide more value according to the size of their betting business.
One of these tools that can be very useful for bookies that have a medium or large business is the Player watch feature. This feature allows bookies to give detailed tracking to certain players.
Bookies should only enter their administration dashboard and manually choose from the list which players to watch. By activating this feature the bookies can quickly access the player's data as credit limit and balance.
Some Pay Per Head providers also provides the option to bookies to establish criteria and all players who meet that criteria will activate the option of watch automatically, for example, you can set the criteria to select all those who have won $ 1,000 or more in the past week.
From the outset, this option may not seem to contribute much to the management of the business, but keep in mind that Pay Per Head's suppliers have been in the industry for many years and have teams of experts who are constantly innovating to provide the best tools and services to make the life of the bookies easier.
With this feature bookies that have a large number of players to follow up on can establish criteria to obtain information from only those that interest them. Allowing them to make decisions more efficiently and quickly, because they can filter the information and give priority to certain types of players.
Bookies have to take very seriously to learn and fully handle all the features and tools of their betting software, as this can make a big difference in monthly profits.
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