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Its sports betting legalization affecting pay per head bookies?


Since the announcement that sports betting would be legalized in US territory, many PPH Bookies were scared, as some analysts declared that this would mean the end of the PPH Bookies since in some cases there are people who still see this type of bookies as a business that operates in illegality. While it is false that operate as a PPH Bookie is illegal, analysts thought that with a legal framework that regulates sports betting the other options would have no choice but to disappear by not being able to compete with the large companies that would begin to monopolize the market.
To start the bookies do not have to worry about the legalization of sports betting, in fact, what this is causing is the market to expand, and people who did not bet before because of fear or ignorance are encouraged to do so now that is legal, this means that the demand for betting providers will increase, opening a wide spectrum of possibilities for bookies that know how to take advantage of this trend.
The PPH bookies do not have to register for a license to be regulated by the state gaming commissions, they can do it if they want, but this can mean a very high investment and in some states the betting providers are first required to establish an operation of brick and mortar before being able to offer online and mobile betting solutions which means a larger investment to operate as license betting provider.
Keep in mind that betting with offshore suppliers is not punishable or regulated by any law, it is the international money transfers related to bets that are regulated by law. Therefore the PPH Bookies can continue to operate as they have done so far as long as they keep their money transactions local or use alternatives such as Bitcoin or virtual wallets.
The possibility that large companies monopolize the new legal sports betting market is very high, but we must also remember that there are always market segments that prefer to deal with small companies. The bookies have to strengthen their operation, offer a differentiated and personalized customer service if they want to remain competitive, in any case, the legalization of sports betting in the USA will bring new opportunities for all. 
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