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Are Formula 1 bets a good option for your betting site?


The bets on Formula 1 races are one of the few things that even the most experienced in the betting industry do not fully understand.

The problem with Formula 1 bets is that they do not seem as popular with players as other types of bets in races like horses or NASCAR. At the level of audiences it is reported that around 390 million viewers saw F1 races during the last year, which shows that the sport is known and popular around the world, but apparently, these viewers are not great gamblers.

According to some experts, the problem with formula 1 bets is that they lack the necessary features to be interesting for bettors, the races last for too long, there are very few options for bet-in-play and the results are too predictable.
But despite this there is a niche of bettors that place bets on Formula 1 races, these bettors can be divided into 2 types:

Fans: these are people who love the sport of F1 racing and like to risk some money, do not usually make very high bets and do not usually bet often, maybe 2 or 3 times during the whole season.

Usual gamblers: these are players who enjoy gambling without caring much about what they are betting on. These players usually select a certain amount of sports among which it is formula 1 races to place their bets. The amount bet by these players tends to be medium since they divide their budget between several sports. It is important not to confuse these players with professionals since unlike professionals these players do not use strategies and do not bet large sums.

Bookies should include formula 1 races on their sites only if they have the ability to generate a marketing strategy to attract the niche of bettors interested in these races, which will involve a really high investment of money and time and most likely, this investment will take some time to recover.

Our recommendation is to use the betting management software of the Pay per head provider and do a little test of offering some betting options in Formula 1 races to see how your current customers react and determine if it is worthwhile.

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