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Increase the action of your betting site with a pull strategy.


When you have a betting site, the most traditional way of marketing it is through a push strategy, that is, presenting or putting the product in front of potential customers with the hope that they will be interested and acquire it. There is nothing wrong with this strategy and it is good to use it occasionally, mainly to attract new players or to publicize the betting site.

In addition to the push strategies the bookies have to use other methods to increase the action on their betting site because due factors such as the strong competition in the gambling market where there are many companies fighting for the players, the large amount of advertising to which people are exposed today and the little attention paid to this advertising, are making it increasingly difficult to attract attention and generate interest in potential players.
For this reason the bookies must complement their push strategies with pull strategies, this type of strategy is based on attracting the players by presenting exactly what they are interested in, at the moment they are most interested in, that is, instead of presenting all of the betting options available for weekend games, give them only a careful selection of options according to their tastes and preferences.
To be able to execute Pull strategies, bookies must have a good Pay Per Head partner that provides the bookie with a powerful reporting tool, through which the bookie can identify betting trends and insights of each of its players, in this way, once the information is compiled and interpreted, the bookie can create personalized and specific market strategies for each type of player.

For example, if the bookie identifies in the reports a player who places bets on the NFL games of the weekend every Friday between 9 and 11 pm. The bookie can send this player a personalized email on Friday at 7 pm offering the best betting options for the weekend NFL games. In this way the player will feel that he is receiving a personalized service, which will motivate him, resulting in him betting more or more often.
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