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Increase Loyalty is more important for your bookie business than increase your client base.


As bookies we all want to increase the numbers of our client base, we want hundreds of new clients each month. To achieve that we spend large amounts of money on marketing, to acquire new bettors. This focus on getting new clients, however, may harm your bookie business, because the cost of acquiring new bettors is high and can increase over time as you exhaust the number of potential bettors you can find on some communication channels. Even if you achieve that all the new bettors you acquire place a bet on you betting site, most of the time those bets are small, so the profits are low. 

Don’t get me wrong of course getting new bettors is very important but is equaled important increase the loyalty of your current players.

For many years business literature has defined that the increase of your clients base as a synonym of success, that’s the reason why many business owners get fixated with the concept and forget to take care and increase the loyalty of their current client base. But recent studies by Harvard Business School have shown that a 5 percent increase in customer loyalty can lead to an increase in profits of 45 percent. This is because clients like to do business with companies that listen to them and treat them well. This treatment develops a relationship of trust that leads the customer to spend more and more often on that particular company.

In the wager industry, bookies can increase they bettors loyalty by offering a great gambling experience with lots of betting options form different sports and leagues, a betting software that can be used on multiple platforms such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, a wide range of casino games and a superb customer services.

Bookies that want to success need to focus on increasing their bettor’s loyalty.For that bookies need the help of a reputable Pay Per Head provider so they can have all the tools at hand to create an over the top betting experience.  

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