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Increase Golf Betting Action on your Bookie Business.


For many golf is not a very striking sport, it can even be described as boring by those who are used to contact sports such as football. When it comes to betting, golf also usually goes a little unnoticed mainly by the novice bookies who usually believe that there is not a big betting market in golf.

The reality is very different since there is a good market for golf bettors, which if used correctly can be a good source of support for cash flow in the months when the action of traditional sports tends to fall.

Below are a series of recommendations to increase the action of golf on your betting site.

Take advantage of the big names

As mentioned there is a good base of golf bettors, but if you want to make that base even bigger and attract bettors from other sports to golf, the best way to do that is by promoting the big names of the sport like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Dustin Johnson. Almost everyone has heard about these players at some time. Using the names of great golfers will help players feel attracted to knowing more about the available betting options.

Take advantage of the big odds

Unlike other sports, golf works with great odds from the start, for example, if we use as a reference some of the golfers that we mentioned before Mr. Tiger Woods offered +2500 odds and Mr. Phil Mickelson offered +5000 odds in previous tournaments. Which means that a player can make a lot of money with a small bet. Bookies must promote golf bets on their betting site in this way in order to attract the attention of any casual player looking for a good chance to hit the jackpot.

Bookies have to learn to take advantage of the wide variety of betting, sports and leagues options available to them through pay per head providers, these options are there for a reason, there are bettors interested in those options, you just have to go out to look for them.
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