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How to deal with an investor in your betting business


When you run a betting business that is lucrative and shows exponential growth over time, it is highly likely that at some point you will be approached by someone interested in investing in your business. This is a somewhat complicated situation that not many bookies know how to handle. On the one hand the money that the investor is willing to contribute can be a great help to take your betting business to the next level and expand your operations, but on the other hand accepting that investor in your business can mean problems and can tie you to commitments that can make you lose focus of your business.

In order to deal correctly with investors, we present the following tips:

Common objectives

The first thing that a bookie should do is sit down with the potential investor and present what are the objectives, plans, and projections of the business for the coming years. The investor must agree with the vision and strategy that the bookie has for the business. Despite the amount of money that the investor is going to contribute, remember that the business owner is you and you are the one who knows best how to run the business. Investors can provide advice or recommendations to improve the operation of the business, but the bookie is not obliged to implement everything the investor wants.

Expectations of the investor

It is clear that if someone wants to invest in your business it is because they want to receive a return on their investment. To have a better relationship with the investor it is important to define what the investor wants, some questions that must be answered are: how long does he expect to receive a return of the investment? How much should the return be? How willing are the investor to assume the risks inherent to the betting industry? How much does the investor want to be involved in the operation of the business? Having these answers will help the bookie define if he can meet the expectations of the investor or not.

Expectations of the bookie

Finally, bookies that want to accept an investor in their betting business must perform a self-diagnosis of their betting business to determine if an investor is really necessary. Having the wrong investor can be more expensive than having none, so this is a decision that must be made with care. Do not accept a check from the first person who offers it to you, think about it carefully.  

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