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How to create great banner ads for your betting site


Web banner ads are the most common way to promote your betting site on the internet, however, this format has been around since 1994 what has made the format lose its impact and appeal, becoming one more piece of the Internet environment that users tend to overlook.
In addition, new advertising formats such as video and native ads in apps have made banners lose prominence on the internet. But despite all these banners can still be an effective way to promote your betting site. This was shown by research by Google Media Lab, where they found that cross-screen banner ads can drive brand lift. On campaigns where they have banners, video and other special formats, banners accounted for 82% of the unique reach, surpassing the other formats.
What Google team found is that it is not the format that is wrong, but the way in which the messages are designed and presented in the banners what is wrong. If you want to create great ad banners for your betting site here are some recommendations:
Be Captivating
People do not read much these days, what they do is scan the text and quickly process the words that make sense to them. That’s the reason why you need to design banners that have short texts that is easy to read. Use bright colors and faces to attract people’s attention.
Be Concise
Don’t try to deliver several messages on just one banner. For example, if you are promoting betting options on the NBA playoff, that’s the only thing that should appear on the banner ad. Do not mix it with other promotions like a bonus for the first bet.
Call to Action
The call to action on the banner needs to be clear, use phrases like Bet Today and Sign Up Now.
Finally, the secret to master the art of ad banners it is to create different pieces and test which work best for your target audience. After several tests, you will learn how to create banners that generate visits and attract many potential players to your betting site.
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