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How to compete with the big bookies of the industry.


Something that always worries the PPH bookies is how to compete with the big companies in the industry, since many times it seems a fight between David and Goliath, the big companies have big capitals for marketing that allow them to make alliances with teams or important leagues, pay large campaigns in mass and digital media, among others. What gives them a great exposure and positions them as the first option of many bettors, mainly the novices who do not know where to find a good bookie to place bets.

Despite this, the PPH bookies have many possibilities to compete and fight the big names of the betting industry, here are some ways they can do it:

Focusing on a niche

Large companies by their size need to focus on large markets, that's why they spend so much money on advertising because if they do not have a large market the business is not profitable. The PPH bookies do not have this problem, because thanks to Pay Per Head's suppliers they can keep their operating costs very low, this allows them to be more flexible when choosing which markets to attack. For this reason, a good idea is to look for niche markets and concentrate on being the best bookie of that market, some examples can be the market of bettors of Criquet or the market of bettors of Golf. Pay Per Head providers give bookies access to betting options for multiple leagues and sports around the world, so the bookie has a lot to choose from and experiment until he finds the niche market that makes sense and is profitable.

Focus on personalized attention

Placing bets with one of the big companies in the industry is like eating at McDonald's you will get an average meal, in an average place, with average attention. The PPH Bookies have to position themselves as a gourmet option where customer service is personalized and punters feel like VIPs all the time. This way they will be able to make a difference with their competitors and they will be able to build loyalty among gamblers.

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