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How to Organize your Work as a Bookie


If you start your betting site as a side business and then you turned it into your full-time job. This transition may leave you with an unorganized set of task that you perform without any process, order and in a reactive way. Also, the business often grows so fast that you as a bookie never stop to think that all these tasks can be done in a more efficient way and you're trapped in a vicious circle, that cost time and money.

If you are currently living this situation or you are on the way to become a full-time bookie, here are some recommendations to organize your work, keep in mind that we are assuming that you are a bookie that has a reliable pay per head partner, because you are going to need one to follow our recommendations:

Do a Checklist
The simple solutions are often the best, create a checklist with the entire tasks you perform on a daily basis and rank them in order of importance. Once you have the rank, analyze which tasks demand that you take care of them personally, and which ones can be performed by someone else. This not only will help you to prioritize your work, it also will help you to delegate your work once you have enough money to hire staff.

Learn to use the Betting Management Software
It may sound incredible, but there are some bookies that perform a lot of manual job running calculations and extracting business information because they don’t know how to use the betting management software to the fullest. This software is the result of years of experiences from the pay per head experts, so it has all the features a bookie may need, it also automatizes a lot of the bookie job, making tons of information available in seconds with just a few clicks. If you want to have your bookie tasks organize learn every single option and tool from your betting management software. 

To keep your job as a bookie organize you need to think in the long term, anticipating what may come and have a reliable pay per head provider to back you up.

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