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How to Handle Crypto Currency Bankroll


There is news about cryptocurrency every day; some are good and other bad, either way, the question that everyone asks is: should I enter in the cryptocurrency trend? Most bookies have this doubt since cryptocurrency offers a vast range of benefits for the gambling industry.

To help bookies understand and dealing with cryptocurrency here are our recommendations:

Be Cautious
It’s no secret that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and that you can lose thousands of dollars overnight, this reason why you have to be very cautious with this type of currency. First analyze if dealing with cryptocurrency in your betting site will really bring you a benefit, like more players or more bets per player. Do not enter the world of cryptocurrency just because it is a trend.

Choose Wisely
If you identify a true gain for your betting operation, the next step is to choose which cryptocurrency you are going to use since every day there is a new one on the market and some Sports Books have even created their own cryptocurrencies, you have to be careful. We recommend that you stick with the popular like Bitcoin or Etherum. Keep in mind that because they are the most popular, they suffer the most drastic changes in their value.

Build your Bankroll
After you select the most convenient cryptocurrency for your bookie operation, you need to build a bankroll with that currency. Keep your regular bankroll money apart from the money you are going to use to build the cryptocurrency bankroll. In order to have an accurate cryptocurrency bankroll and don’t waste money, estimated how many players you are going to have and the total amount of money wagered with cryptocurrency per month.

Crypto currency can open new market opportunities for bookies, but since the concept and technology are relatively new and still on development, they need to approach to topic carefully and with a cold mind, since there are lots of external factors that can cost them lots of money. 

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