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How to Expand your Bookie Business, Scale to New Markets


Most bookies start with a base of local players they know personally, mostly friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. The face to face interaction between them builds a complex relationship based on trust and familiarity, making the rapport last for a long time.
That's the reason why many bookies don't like to look for new players beyond their city, even when they have a partnership with a reputable Pay Per Head provider, and a fully functional betting site ready to take bets from all over the world. Being caged in this comfort zone makes them lose tons of money.
If you want to go out of the comfort zone and start cashing from global bettors, here are some recommendations:
Start a New Brand
One of the most common worries and fears is that taking too many players from other cities or countries may affect the reputation you already have as a bookie with your local players. If you want to protect your local player base, you can start a new betting site with a different name and branding. Remember that thanks to the services of the Pay Per Head providers, you can have as many betting sites as you want.
Use Sub-Agents
If you don't want to lose focus and don't want to deal with the task of acquiring new players in foreign lands, you can hire sub-agents that will be in charge of getting new bettors to your gamble business. Remember to check first with your Pay Per Head provider if the betting management software supports the profile of sub-agents and has the proper tools to handle. Also, keep in mind that this is like having employees, so you have to be ready to assume the role of Manager of the sub-agents.
Use Several Funding Options
A good strategy to reach new markets is by having several services to fund an account in your betting site, from cryptocurrency to euros, if you handle different types of money, your betting site will be more attractive to people who handle those kinds of currencies.
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