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How to Create a Business in Four Weeks


No matter if you are an entrepreneur or an investor, both look for the same goal when undertaking a business adventure, and that is, earn as much money as they can, in the shortest possible time. Of course, achieving that is very difficult because building any kind of business takes time and getting good financial returns takes even more time.
That's why startups, particularly the ones related to technology are so attractive for those looking for quick return of investment, but this business also has high risks of fail, so the big question is: can anyone build a business in one month that is a secure bet and will deliver positive cash flow in a matter of months?
The answer to that question is yes, you can build a business in one month, if you enter the gambling business, let's see how:
First Week
During the first week, you would do some research about different pay per head providers and compare their offers, by the end of the week you need a short list of the top 3 providers you like the most and sign up for a trial with them. Also you need to decide a name for your betting business.
Second Week
During this week you would learn everything you can about the pay per head betting management software, and get in touch with the per head design team to start building your betting site, it's a good idea to hand on some references of other betting sites you like, so they can have a good starting point of your taste.
Third Week
While the design team is working on your betting site, you should set and secure the money for your bankroll. Also open a business profile on social media, so you can start marketing your betting site.
Fourth Week
You may be on some back and forth with the design team about small improvements and changes on the betting site, but you already have a fully functional site, so you need to start marketing your betting site and acquire players.
There you go; you can build a profitable business in four weeks.


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