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How Your Bookie Executive Summary Should Look


Bookies handle tons of information on a daily basis from betting reports to debt reports, this kind of information and reports are important to keep the business running. Even when this can be overwhelmed bookies need to use all the information they get, that’s why they need to know about other kinds of reports they can create to have a better understanding of their business, for example, the executive summary, which is an overview of the key points of their bookie operations. 

This document summarizes vital information like:
Number of Players:
Player Credit Limit:
Max Bet Allowed:
Operation Costs:
Estimated Monthly Gross Revenue:
Total Bankroll:
Estimated Monthly Net Profit:
Paying Days:
Marketing Expenses:
Growth Goals:

The report can be as extensive as you want and can include the information you consider most important, this is just a reference.

The bookie executive summary is an overall read of your gambling operation performance, which will help you to keep track of your short and long-term goals; this report would be also useful in the case you are looking for potential investors or business partners. Thus the report will give them a quick outline of your business, revenue, and growth opportunities.

The report is also a good tool to protect your pocket, that’s why you should take the time each month to build the report or ask one of your staff members to create the summary.

To create the executive summary report, Bookies need to be partner with a reliable Pay Per Head provider, since all the information required can be access through the reporting system provided by the per head company.

Bookies should not overestimate the value of the data they get through different reports, this the most value asset they can get to take better decisions, protect and grow their wager business, that’s the reason why they have to choose a good Pay Per Head provider with an easy to use, stay of the art reporting system that can be customized to deliver the most relevant data for the bookie and their associates.

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