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Global Markets for your Betting Site


Sometimes we forget that the world is very big and that there may be business opportunities where we least think about it. In the gambling industry, bookies tend to concentrate too much on markets such as the US or the UK, since they have a large number of active players that can become potential customers and represent good profits.

The problem with this approach is that it causes the market to be saturated with the offer of too many betting sites competing for the same clients. It is for this reason that the bookies that want to be successful must seek new markets taking advantage of the capacities to attract and serve players from all over the world that they obtain thanks to the Pay Per Head providers.

One of the markets with greater potential for bookies is the Australian since according to data from the Queensland state government, the losses of bets reached $ 18 billion dollars in the last year. More than half of those losses were in poker and slot machines, in fact, it is said that Australia has more slot machines per capita than any other country in the world, with an approximate total of 200,000.

With this scenario, Australia is positioned as a big market for bookies that want to expand their international business and attract players that allow them to quickly grow their monthly revenue.
Unlike the US or UK player who is very interested in betting on sports, it seems that Australians are more interested in casino games such as poker and slot machines. It is for this reason that the bookies that want to work with the Australian market should have an excellent Pay Per Head provider that provides not only an excellent sportsbook system but also a great online casino gaming platform, with a wide range variety of options.

Thanks to online advertising systems such as Google ad words or Facebook ads, it will be very easy to conduct a marketing campaign to attract Australian players to your betting site.

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