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Global Gambling Markets – The Case of Colombia


The bookies have to be in a constant search for new business opportunities that allow them to grow their monthly income and expand the business to new markets.
The bookies that are associated with a good provider of Pay Per Head, can carry out the task of diversifying their business in a simpler way since the Per Head company provides different gaming options such as online casinos, live betting and sports betting options for leagues around the world. It is the betting options in leagues around the world that bookies should take more advantage of and acquire players from different countries.

For example, a country that begins to emerge as an interesting betting market is Colombia. In the South American country, sports betting is legal since October 2016 and there are 12 licensed local betting sites that are regulated by the government entity Colijuegos. The most popular sport among Colombian bettors is soccer. In fact, the past FIFA World Cup is the sporting event that has placed the Colombian betting market in the map, since during the months of the event there were about $ 63 million in bets and a 60% increase in active players since 329366 new betting accounts were opened during the World Cup.

Although the numbers are not comparable with the trillions of dollars in bets generated by the US market, bookies must take into account that it is important to diversify the business and generate several sources of income to keep the business running. Relying on a single market to maintain the betting site can be dangerous since a change in people behaviors, laws or other factors can change the whole landscape of the betting industry in that particular market.
The case of Colombia helps to demonstrate the global interest in betting where every day new markets and opportunities open for bookies that are bold enough to go out and look for them.
Bookies must take advantage of the infrastructure provided by per head companies to serve as many markets as possible and thus create a successful betting business with excellent monthly income.
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