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FIFA World Cup, Last Minute Strategy for Bookies


Almost anywhere in the world, people know who is Messi and Ronaldo, therefore most of the world knows that the biggest football event happens this 2018 in Russia. The FIFA World Cup not only attracts millions of spectators from the 5 continents but also produces a betting market that is estimated at $ 1 billion dollars (yes billion with b).
With so much money at stake, bookies that want to get a big win this summer should promote betting options for the world cup. For those who have not yet done so, it's not too late then we present a strategy that can help them capture some world cup bettors.
Use national pride
The world cup brings together the best national teams from around the world so for many fans this is the time to show national pride by supporting their country. National pride becomes so powerful that many people blindly bet on their selection without thinking about the odds and without measuring the rival they will face.
The bookies can take advantage of this by creating marketing campaigns for specific countries, for example in the game of France against Australia, the bookies should focus on promoting betting options aimed at each of those countries.
This is a good strategy to use throughout the tournament and it is very easy to run thanks to the tools for digital marketing.
Take advantage of rivalries
There are very strong rivalries among the best teams in the world and the World Cup is the only opportunity that many of these teams have to face each other. When these games are given, everybody pays attention to them and of course, in many cases, they are willing to risk some money to make the game much more exciting. The bookies have to be vigilant as the world cup progresses as these flashy matches tend to occur in the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final itself. The countries to take into account are Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, and England. If there is a match between any of these countries bookies should focus lots of their resources to promote those odds.

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