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Do you have to bet it all to be a bookie?


Recently I came across a piece of news about a software developer who was holding a sign that said: "Homeless, hungry for success, take a resume" he was in a corner of Mountain View, California. Apparently, this boy had given up a well-paid job in a large company to start his own business. The problem is that his venture did not succeed which led him to a severe bankruptcy that forced him to live in his car.

This story made me reflect on the question: Do we have to risk everything for a business? Or to put it in the context of the betting industry: Do you have to bet it all to be a bookie?
When analyzing the question deeply I reach the conclusion that in the betting industry ironically it is not necessary to take a big risk to be a successful bookie, here are the reasons why:

Large Capitals

Most businesses require large sums of capital to establish themselves, grow and reach the point of generating income. Just look at a round of financing from any startup to realize that early stage businesses need between $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 to take the business to the next level. In the case of the betting industry to create a bookie business, the initial investment may be around $ 15,000. This money will be mostly used to finance the bankroll of the betting site since the operational cost to start the business with a Pay Per Head partner is really low.

You're not alone

Finding a reliable business partner, with the same level of commitment and passion for the project is an almost impossible task, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why most ventures fail. In the case of the betting industry, bookies can easily find their main commercial partner, thanks to the wide range of Pay Per Head companies in the market. By selecting a reputable Pay Per Head provider, the bookie will have a strategic partner that will provide all the knowledge, tools, services and good practices necessary to manage the business in the best way.

Investing in a betting business is one of the safest and fastest ways to establish a business without much risk. 

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