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Developing new markets with Mobile Betting


The betting industry has always been at the forefront with technology, for example, the first betting sites emerged in 1994 when eBay or Google did not even exist.

Incorporating technology early allowed the betting business to create and dominate new markets more easily, in the case of the first betting sites in the mid-90s it seemed a bit far-fetched to have a betting site at that time, since the personal computers has not been massified yet and very few people had access to the internet to be able to bet online at that moment.
Later at the beginning of 2000´s, as computers were reaching almost every home and Internet access became something of the day-to-day, the betting sites already had years of learning that allowed them to provide excellent gambling experiences, at a time when many companies were just beginning to build a website.

Currently, the gaming industry is still one of the most innovative and with the development of mobile betting technologies, they are allowing bookies to access new markets and expand their operations.
Mobile betting solutions allow bookies to reach a market that previously would have been impossible, this market segment is known as the base of the pyramid, these are people who live with limited budgets, but always reserve a few dollars for entertainment.

Most of these people are found in the regions of Latin America, Africa and some parts of Asia and Europe. And they own a mobile device mainly a smartphone, but does not own personal computers, this is what makes the big difference since the only way to reach them is through the phones.

The bookies that want to attack this market should have a Pay Per Head partner that has an easy-to-use mobile bet solution with support for several languages. In addition, bookies should use a type of advertising that is called in-app advertising through providers such as Google Adwords, so it is a good idea to have the help of a digital marketing professional to be able to generate effective campaigns for this market segment.

Something important to keep in mind is that this market segment bets in small amounts so the bookies must seek volume, that is, attract as many players from the base of the pyramid as they can to have an interesting income at the end of the month.
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