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Cross Sports Parlay, the Best Friend of Bookies


There is a vast variety of betting options a bookie can be featured on their betting site, from simple bets of who is going to win a game, to more complex and exotic bets like proposition bets. In the case of bookies that are partner with a reliable Pay Per head company, they can easily access and offer all these betting options, since the per head companies have a staff of betting experts and oddsmakers working 7 days a week creating attractive and profitable betting options.

Bookies looking to increase their profit can go beyond the odds provide by the pay per head companies and create their own cross sports parlays; this kind of betting options is when the bookie puts together 3 or 4 games, and the bettor choose the winning team of each game, which means bettor needs to pick all the winner in order to win the bet.

Most parlays featured teams from the same sport or league, for example, NBA or NFL, but when these leagues reach their respective finals, bookies cannot longer create parlays, that is when cross sports parlay comes in handy. Cross sports parlay features teams from different sports like 1 NFL game (for example the Super Bowl) combine with 1 NBA game and 1 NHL game. This combination can add spicier to a single event.

Even when parlays and cross sports parlays seems a little bit complicated; they are quite popular and attractive to bettors, especially seasoned ones. Because since the bet is hard to hit the reward is big if the player chooses the right teams.

For Bookies, parlays offer an opportunity to create a good profit without compromise their business, since the probability that a bettor hits the jackpot is very low. And to increase the attractiveness of single-game events like NBA finals or Super Bowl games.

Thanks to the betting management, system provide by the Pay per head, Bookies can choose from over 80 leagues and sports around the world to easily create and promote parlays on their betting sites.

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