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Bonus Betting’s, How to use the strategy to bring new players?


When it comes to marketing your betting site you have several options and strategies, for example, bonus betting’s, this is one of the most popular strategies and bookies have been using for a long time, in fact if you enter to any betting site right now, is high probability they have a bonus betting offer running for open an account or place the first bet. 

These bonus bets go from as low as $5 up to $100 depending on the betting site, no matter the amount of money, bonus bets are always attractive to potential bettors, particularly first-timers,   but if you don’t setup and execute the strategy correctly, you can lose a big stack of money, that’s why we give you some recommendations to create a bonus betting promotion: 

Do the Math 

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding of the numbers behind your bonus betting, for example, if you give a $5 bonus, those $5 will be coming from someone’s pocket may it be yours or your player, that’s the first thing you have to determinate. 

If the bonus cost is going to be cover by you as a bookie, then you need to setup a budget and determinate how many bonuses you can give away with that budget. 

If you want that most of the cost of each bonus comes from the player pocket then you need to create some terms of use of the bonus, for example that the $5 will be applied only to bets major that $100, that way made sure that the player risk a good amount of money and there is a high chance that he loses the $100 plus $5. But keep in mind that the bettor can win their bet that’s why you have to keep an eye on how many bonuses are been redeeming on your betting site. To do that you have to use the betting management software provide by you pay per head partner to control all the moves that take place on your site. 

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