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2018 search trends, how bookies can take advantage of them in 2019.


At the end of each year, Google presents a list of the search trends that defined that year. We have reviewed the 2018 list and have found some search trends that may be important for bookies, as they represent opportunities to give more exposure to their betting businesses and make the number of clients and business revenues grow.

Global trends

One of the most important search trends globally was the FIFA World Cup, this sporting event that takes place every 4 years captured the attention of everyone and for the bookies that promoted betting options for the different matches, it was very lucrative. Although there is no FIFA World Cup in 2019, there will be some world events such as the Cricket World Cup. While it is not such big event bookies can generate content and promote betting options for these global events so that this helps them improve the SEO of their betting site. Do not forget that in 2020 the Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, so bookies can start to gain ground in regards to searches related to this event also by creating and promoting some prop betting options for the Olympics.

How to Trends

In this blog, we have already commented before how the How to trends has become one of the most important in terms of search. During 2018 there are 2 terms that call our attention:

How to play mega millions

Apparently, the interest in gambling is increased. We believe that the lifting of the sports betting ban will make people soon go from just looking for lottery games to searching for how to make bets. The bookies that want to take advantage of this trend should start generating content such as guides and tips for novice bettors, where they demonstrate how easy it is to make an online bet, the potential profits and especially the legality of making sports bets.

How to buy ripple

While this trend is not directly linked to the world of betting, it is important to take it into account that the interest in the different types of cryptocurrency continues to rise. This means that the use of cryptocurrencies will increase in the coming years. Bookies that have not yet incorporated cryptocurrencies to their betting sites should do so as soon as possible, because if they do not, they may be left behind.

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