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Why you should market your betting site on Social Media


We talk a lot about marketing in social media on this blog, but the reality is that when you unlock the true potential of social media marketing for your betting site, you start to see your profits grow. If you still believe that social media marketing in not for you, picture this data, people check their smartphones 80 times a day to check for notifications and updates from all their social media and communication apps, and specifically they check Facebook 14 times a day. This means they are online all day. 
However, you are not the only one that wants to get people's attention when they are online, that's why you should create a strategy that creates a gambling journey that leads people from a social media network to your betting site to place a wager. In order to create this journey you need the following:
Videos and Images
You need to create ads that are visually attractive, a beautiful piece of art that catches people's attention within seconds, in order to do that you need to invest money in production or buying a good stock of photos and videos for your campaigns. 
Whatever the path you choose, creating your own stock or buying, the main thing you need to keep in mind is that people will judge for how you look, that's why you need to take care of all the details, even the small ones.
Create Excitement
Make sure that all your campaigns and advertising pieces wake up a feeling on your audience. Include catchy phrases and slogans, like: Bet $10 win $100 or Free Bonus on Your First Bet. 
Always refer to the amount of money they can win or the amount of money you will give away as a bonus (everybody loves free stuff). Keep your message simple and straightforward to have a better result.
Be Constant
Social media marketing is a task you have to perform every day and all day, if you do not have the time to do it, the best thing you can do is hire someone to do it for you, but make sure that you do not neglect your daily presence in social media.
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